What Professional Colleagues Say About Nelson!


I met Ruth Nelson at the Integrated Athletic Development Camp in Dallas, Texas several years ago when I was invited to participate as a coach during the Individual skills camp. As I observed her during the week I concluded three things under her direction: you are trained extremely well in volleyball techniques, you will leave fired-up with enthusiasm and the will to win, and you will learn to play aggressive, but with fairness, integrity, and sportsmanship. After the week was over I felt I gained knowledge and a better understanding of my role as a coach.

The fall season following the summer camp I was so ready to coach my team; however, the season took a turn for the worst causing the student-athletes; as well as, the coaches to question many things. As the Head Coach I felt responsible to find a solution. In talking with one of my coaching peers one day she mentioned calling Ruth Nelson. I thought it was a brilliant idea. After talking to Ruth and discovering her schedule was slow at the time she decided to come join our team to give us fresh eyes and a new perspective. At the time, I happen to have two athletes on my team who had grown up being trained in volleyball by Ruth at I.A.D.

After day one of her visit, I knew bringing Ruth to Indiana Wesleyan University was the right decision! She was an expert both in training and in strategy. She had the ability to pull my team together into a functioning unit which gave them back their confidence and competitive spirit. Ruth can inspire! She lives her sport with enthusiasm that communicates itself to her athletes. They, in turn, become just as enthusiastic, just as ready and willing to give their all, just as fired-up and inspired as their coach/trainer.

I am not sure where the season or attitude of my athletes may have ended up if Ruth would not have joined us in the middle of the season. She gave us hope and even though we did not turn our season around we competed in every remaining match, achieving a few upsets, and finishing out the year with honor and pride in more important things than winning. In short, we learned a lot that year and we will never forgot the visit from Ruth Nelson and the impact she made on all of us at Indiana Wesleyan University Volleyball.

Respectfully submitted,

Candace Moats, Head Volleyball Coach, Indiana Wesleyan University

Ruth Nelson has conducted our team camp at Hebron High School for the past two years. The camp itself involved one week of serious training, 2-3 hours each day, but Ruth's strategic input benefited us throughout the season. The athletes ranged in ages 14-18 or freshman through seniors. Her camp gave us a great jump-start into our season. Some of our biggest improvements came in solid ball control as a result of the fun and effective ball handling drills Ruth incorporated. Ruth uses progression drills better than anyone in the business; she insists that ALL athletes develop ALL skills.

As a result of her approach, for example, even my "middles" are challenged to jump set and back set. Ruth pays attention to the whole athlete and the whole team. This includes attitude and how body language affects everyone on the court. Her positive and demanding style gets results! She has personally trained two of my key players who because of this were instrumental in leading us to a 4A Texas State Championship in 2004. My program, my athletes and I are better because of Ruth's influence and training.

Karin Keeney, Head Volleyball Coach, Hebron High School, Carrollton, Texas